I see the world through a different lens


I’m Peta! I’m a passionate photographer, crazy dog lover, mad kitchen dancer and I’m dedicated to capturing life’s precious memories for families around Sydney. In fact, nothing makes me happier than making my clients cry (happy tears of course!) when they see their photographs for the first time.

And here’s why…

Growing up, our family home was covered in photographs. These photographs told our story. My brother’s obsession with motorbikes, my passion for horse-riding and our treasured family holidays. Our walls were covered with our history and with our grandparents’ history. These photographs showed our lives and our stories.

With every passing year new photographs would make their way onto the wall, documenting another year passed, another adventure lived, another achievement reached.

Our cupboard drawers were filled with photographs and albums and every so often, one of us would sit down and reminisce over baby albums and school photographs. We’d relive those cold winter mornings at pony club or those nervous first days of kindergarten.

And then tragically in October 2017, we lost everything. All our treasured memories, our keepsakes and irreplaceable mementos of our family adventures were all lost in a house fire. Priceless photographs of my grandmother in her wedding dress, my parents on their wedding day…my history, my family’s history. It was all gone.

Photography is Your Legacy

It’s because of the loss of my childhood memories that I understand the importance of photography. The sole reason I started photography is so I can help people create their own memories and capture reminders of their life’s journey. I know the power of looking at a photograph. A single photograph can transport you to another time, a different place, a family holiday or a day at school. I understand the importance of photography because at 30 years old, I no longer have photographs of my childhood, my family holidays or adventures.

Nothing makes me happier than showing my clients their images and watching the myriad of emotions wash over their face. The tears of joy, the laughter and the gratitude are why photography is so important to me.

Why I Love Photography

From the beginning of my photographic journey, I’ve loved documenting the life of people. I love capturing the affection, the laughter and the love of the people around me. Now, as a professional photographer, I capture these moments for my clients.

My Approach to Photography

My approach to your family photography shoot is completely relaxed. I’m a girl who ‘goes with the flow’ and I don’t need a long list of poses.  Instead, I like to keep things light, natural and fun! So, there’ll be no awkward poses or forced smiles during my photography sessions. My sessions are all about capturing natural embraces, loving connections and everlasting bonds. But most importantly, the sessions are fun for kids and for adults. We’ll share armfuls of fun and loads of laughter! And after your session you’ll walk away with a fun experience, beautiful photos and many beloved family memories.

Photography is about capturing life as it, right then, in the moment and preserving that moment for your future generations.  Just think how special it will be for your children, your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren to look at your photographs and catch a glimpse of your life. Photographs will keep your memories close and your legacy alive.

Weird and Wonderful Facts About Me

  •  I grew up on 120 acres
  • I’ve lived in the same house all my life and still live on 20 acres. It gives me the chance to photograph families out in the grassy hills and ferny gullies.
  • At the age of 15 I competed internationally for horse-riding. I trained in Europe for 18 months and won over 50 State and National titles between 2009 and 2013.
  • I’m completely obsessed with dogs! Dogs and photography are my life! One of my dogs stole and ate an entire Christmas Day lasagne!
  • I am a coffee addict!
  • My family and I love to kitchen dance. It’s like dancing…but in the kitchen!
  • After our house burnt down, I lived in a renovated stable.
  • I started my career as a landscape photographer, then photographed show dogs before finding my passion for family photography.

Am I the Photographer For You?

Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to know more about you and your family. If you feel I am the perfect photographer to capture precious keepsakes for you and your family, please get in touch here. You can view my portfolio on my gallery page here.

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Peta Cormack xx