I see the world through a different lens


I’m Peta! I’m a passionate photographer, who believes all women are born bold, brave and beautiful in they just believe and are given the chance to realise they are they can achieve anything they set their heart too. Heres why this burning desire has grown in my so strongly building with resilience over the past 12 years.

I have been bullied, provoked, laughed at and been the butt of all the range of jokes you can imagine….I have cowered, fought back and hidden next to my bed in tears. BUT what I now look back and see what I have done is never give up.

I am scared emotionally and physically but I now wear these proudly. I wont lie I have days I dread looking in the mirror as I see my size 22 body but then I think of all I have accomplished and pull my head up and remember I’m a survivor.

Photography is Your Legacy

 The sole reason I started photography is so I can help people create their own memories and capture reminders of their life’s journey. I know the power of looking at a photograph. A single photograph can transport you to another time, a different place.

Nothing makes me happier than showing my clients their images and watching the myriad of emotions wash over their face. The tears of joy, the laughter and the gratitude are why photography is so important to me.

My Approach to Photography

I love to create sensual, feminine and authentic  boudoir images that celebrate a woman’s beauty.

I particularly like to photograph ‘real’ women, who may have never posed in front of a camera and who often have insecurities about their bodies and their looks, but who have one thing in common – a desire to have beautiful, sensual boudoir images  for themselves or for their partner. 

It may be that you are a bride who wishes to surprise your husband-to-be with bridal boudoir photos as a romantic gift, or you may want to celebrate an important birthday, a wedding anniversary, re-invent yourself after a divorce, or maybe you’re in need of a confidence boost to recapture your sexiness and sensuality, which has been consumed by motherhood. Regardless of your motivations, I aim for my boudoir sessions to be a fun, transformative experience which will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, sexy and empowered.

Am I the Photographer For You?

Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to know more about you. If you feel I am the perfect photographer to capture precious keepsakes for you, please get in touch here. You can view my portfolio on my gallery page here.

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