7 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs The Confidence Photoshoot Experience

Boudoir and portrait model Cormack PhotographyA confidence photoshoot can be a transformative and soul restoring experience. It’s a way for women to rediscover their inner strength and truly see their outer beauty.

A confidence photoshoot is designed for women who long to feel beautiful, confident, empowered, glamorous or just yearn to feel special.

These shoots take place in the studio and involve a team of talented women, all there to assist you feel confident, look beautiful and cheer you on in front of the camera.

I remember the first time I had a confidence photoshoot. It wasn’t something I wanted, in fact, I was dreading it! I didn’t have the confidence to step in front of a camera, but my mum kept complaining she had no photos of me. Which wasn’t true of course. Mum had plenty of old school photos and photos of me during my professional horse-riding career.

“But they’re not the real you Peta!”, Mum complained.

 So, after much convincing and complaining, I reluctantly agreed and booked myself in for a confidence photoshoot.

I was so nervous upon arriving at the studio. I was convinced I’d look awful, unattractive and feel ridiculous in the process.

But what an incredible experience it was! The girls in the studio looked after me! They put me at ease, pampered me, styled my hair, and applied my makeup. By the end of the photoshoot I looked and felt amazing! I had this brand-new confidence I never even knew I possessed. I felt beautiful, and for the first time ever, I saw in myself what my Mum saw. An attractive, capable, and confident young woman. The experience was life-changing for me.

In fact, it was such a powerful experience, I knew I had to offer the same experience to woman through my photography business.

Are you still not convinced?

If my experience doesn’t convince you, here are 7 other reasons why every woman should experience a confidence photoshoot.


1.      See Yourself How Others See you


After my photoshoot, as I looked flipped through the images in my album, I truly felt beautiful. For the first time ever, I understood what my mum saw. My mum was always telling me I was beautiful, but I never believed her. Least of all felt it. But, looking through my photos, I looked and felt beautiful!

The photos showed another side of me. One that wasn’t dressed in my school uniform or wearing my horse-riding attire. 

And somehow, spending the afternoon in front of a camera, with my hair styled, my make-up professionally applied and dressed in a range of gorgeous dresses, it transformed my opinion of myself.

I felt confident, beautiful, and empowered. I felt I could do anything!

But best of all, my mum loved my photographs. These photos hang proudly on the walls of her home.

And whenever I’m feeling a little down, I pull out my album, look through my photos and remind myself of who I truly am.

So now I’m passionate about offering confidence photoshoots to all my female clients. I believe every woman deserves to feel the way I felt after my first shoot.

Beautiful, worthy, and empowered.

2.      Celebrate Your Achievements


A confidence photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone. After all, any achievement or goal deserves celebrating and a confidence photoshoot is a fantastic way to document a significant moment in your life. Many clients book a photoshoot when they’ve finally reached a long-awaited goal. For example, it’s a perfect way to celebrate weight loss and to show off your fabulous new body.

Other women have booked a photoshoot as a gift to themselves for gaining a degree or a promotion at work.

Whatever the reason for booking a confidence shoot, it is a fabulous way to celebrate any achievement.

3.      A Great Day Out


What’s not enjoyable about a day of pampering, glamour and special treatment? A confidence photoshoot is also a fun day out with the girls! Why not grab a couple of your best girlfriends for a day of laughter, dress ups and pampering? And at the end of your shoot you’ll have a gorgeous collection of beautiful photos of you with your favourite people.

It’s also a wonderful bonding experience between a mother and her daughter. A little touch of glitz and glamour in an otherwise mundane day can be a powerful thing for a young girl. It can boost a pre-teen’s self-confidence and help them realise their outer beauty is just as powerful as their inner beauty.

Many young girls arrive for their photoshoot anxious, shy, and nervous. However, after an afternoon of pampering, posing and laughter, they always leave the studio standing a little prouder and self-assured with their newly discovered self-confidence.

Looking for something special for a special loved one? A confidence photoshoot is a unique and intimate gift your loved one will cherish. Book your photoshoot here.

4.      Celebrate Your Body In All Its Glory


Think you need to lose weight first? You don’t! A confidence photoshoot is for women of ALL shapes and sizes. I’m experienced at posing and know exactly how to position you to highlight your best features. I know just what to do to make you look and feel like the gorgeous women you really are. Bodies are beautiful in all shapes and sizes so don’t wait to lose weight, or your hair is longer. Take the time and be in the photos for yourself. Because in 20, 30, or 50 years’ time, you’ll look back on these photos and realise how gorgeous you were all along.

So, don’t be shy. Book here for this amazing experience.


5.      Spoil Yourself


Be honest. When was the last time you splurged on yourself? You probably can’t remember right? And photography is one of those things many women, particularly those with children, consider an extravagance. If it’s photos of the kids, sure no problem! But photos of yourself, well they’ll go on the backburner for years.

But why shouldn’t you invest in photos of yourself? A beautiful portrait that shows you as you, not as a mum, wife, or partner but you. You will love these stunning portraits of yourself and so will your children and loved ones.

So why not step out of your regular role for an afternoon of glamour and spoil yourself. Put you first for a change. You’ve earned it.

6.      Spoil Someone Else


Stuck for ideas for that special woman in your life? A confidence photoshoot is a unique gift and a perfect way to show your special someone you love them. A photoshoot makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, anniversary present or a perfect way to document your loved one’s milestone birthday.

Why not show your appreciation with an afternoon of pampering and luxury? Book a confidence photoshoot for your special someone here.

7.      Rediscover Yourself and Heal


Many women book a confidence shoot after suffering a trauma. This trauma could be an emotional trauma such as the end of a relationship, a divorce, or a health trauma like beating breast cancer. However, the point is, these women come to the studio vulnerable and searching to rediscover themselves.

My team of likeminded women are amazing and make any woman feel comfortable in her own skin. As women, we all must embrace the challenges we face, learn to love our scars, both physical and emotional, and use these experiences as a catalyst to transform and grow.

And you know what?

Every single woman who’s visited the studio for a confidence photoshoot has left stronger, prouder, more confident, and self-assured than when she arrived.

And that my lovelies, is an incredibly powerful experience. Want to know more?

What Do You Get?


  •       All confidence photoshoot ladies receive an in-person pre-session consultation at Wilberforce.
  •       Professional Makeup by Laura Dhir
  •       Access to my stunning client wardrobe
  •       A full photoshoot session with multiple wardrobe changes
  •       Same day design session
  •       Champagne and nibbles!


How Much?


All the above fabulous goodies are just $250.

Yes, that’s right! Your hair, make-up, consult, confidence photoshoot and you even get an 8×12 inch matted print.

But most importantly, you’ll leave the studio feeling beautiful, confident, and empowered. And that’s exactly what every woman deserves.

If you’d like to know more, please drop me a line here.


About Cormack Photography


Peta Cormack is the face behind the camera of Cormack Photography. Peta is a Sydney photographer who specialises in photoshoots for women. Peta believes a confidence photoshoot is an empowering experience and helps women of all ages, shapes and size boost their confidence and realise their true worth. You can book a confidence photoshoot with Peta here.