When I sat down to write this I decided not to write a flowing romanticised paragraph of……Boudoir photography honours the very essence of your sensuality, strength, and power, not to mention your immense beauty……… Now I do 100% agree but I do think its a statement used too often. I want to talk to you woman to woman.I was amazed to find I am actually an anomaly being a FEMALE Boudoir Photographer with the field being held most by men.

Now if you come to me expect me to be honest, frank, fun, 100% non-judgemental….no sleezz…not tacky…..think luxury and yes you will be treated like the goddess you truly are by women around you who are or have gone through what you are facing every day.. we will be happy to talk about anything you want or nothing if you prefer….. its just a glorified body positive, champagne filled girls day!!So if your a woman who wants photos to document all your hard work you’ve put in at the gym, getting married, celebrating a special birthday or anniversary or just want the amazing self confidence boost that you get from just being a part of the experience…..



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