Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Beautiful. Be the TRUE YOU!

There is something incredibly empowering about stepping in front of the camera. It’s about challenging your innermost fears and stripping away your insecurities. Empowerment photography either boudoir, maternity or glamour (evening gowns) is about ridding yourself of inhibitions and rediscovering yourself in a new and confident light. 

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Rediscover Your True Self

When I was in my early twenties, my Mum wanted professional photos of me. But I despised being in front of the camera. I felt unattractive, I felt overweight and the last thing I wanted was a photograph to remind me of all the things I disliked about myself.

But it was what Mum really wanted. The only photographs Mum had of me were long-distance photos from my days as a 15-year-old, competitive horse rider.  

So, to make my Mum happy, I relented. I went along to an empowerment photography session where I spent the afternoon getting pampered. My hair was styled, my make-up was professionally applied, and I shared a glass of bubbles with my Mum and sister. It felt amazing!

The Transformation

For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful. I felt worthy. And as the afternoon progressed and I stepped in front of the camera, my confidence flourished.

It sounds strange, but photography gives you a way to express yourself, celebrate your uniqueness and overcome your innermost doubts.

I know all too well, how stepping in front of the camera can be daunting. But trust me, Empowerment Sessions will awaken your soul, build your confidence, and bring out your inner goddess!

Having experienced the transformation myself, there’s nothing I love more than watching the transition of a self-conscious woman into a confident, strong, and beautiful woman.  

About Empowerment Sessions

Each empowerment session includes a pamper session by our professional hair stylist, makeup artists and fashion stylist.

Empowerment sessions are a day of splendour and glamour. With my team of like-minded, supportive women cheering you on, we will bring out your inner beauty, help you relax and become the confident, empowered woman you’re destined to be.

Why Book An Empowerment Session?

Because every woman at some point in life, has faced a struggle. We all battle with insecurities, feel unattractive and doubt ourselves.

Are we pretty enough? Thin enough?  Smart enough?

Yes! We ARE enough! Empowerment sessions are about discovering we ARE enough. Right now, just as we are. These sessions will reconnect you with your confident inner-self and give you the courage to tackle your battles head on.

Whatever your struggles or doubts, Empowerment Sessions are about ridding yourself of your insecurities and rediscovering the empowered woman you’re destined to be.

 Let me help you on your empowerment journey.


Boudoir and portrait model Cormack Photography
Boudoir and portrait model Cormack Photography


NO! I do Maternity and Glamour also (Glamour being casual and evening wear). And I can even go shopping with you if you would help finding the perfect outfit whether it be something intimate and comfy or something with a bit more spice.

Typically, my clients range from 30yrs – 65yrs. However, anyone wanting to rediscover their inner self-confidence and self-empowerment is always welcome.

Hair and Makeup is always included in our sessions! It is part of the pampering experience and it helps you feel confident and beautiful. My amazing makeup artist will listen to your needs and can provide either a natural or a more glamorous look.

I edit your images, but they always look natural. I remove blemishes, bruises, scars, and outlets on walls! I will enhance your beauty, but I do not alter your natural appearance. If you would like additional editing to your overall appearance, this will be charged at an hourly rate of $150.

Whether you want a gorgeous album or a Keepsake box, each print purchased comes with its matching digital image.

That’s completely normal! Most of my clients are terrified before their session. But this is part of the experience too. Be brave, get out of your comfort zone and do something scary. After the session you’ll be so proud of yourself! And the truth is, the fear only lasts a few minutes. Then you’ll have the best fun ever!

We offer interest-free payment plans when you order a certain number of images. We’ll discuss all this at your Reveal session.

I’m so glad and am so excited for you! Empowerment photography is such a unique experience and I believe every woman should experience it at least once in their lifetime. To book your session, please fill out the form below. You’re in for an empowering experience and I can’t wait to photograph you!

I’m ready to book a session, what now?

I’m so glad and am so excited for you! Empowerment photography is such a unique experience and I believe every woman should experience it at least once in their lifetime. 

You’re in for an Empowering Experience & I can't wait to photograph you!