My childhood was spent exploring 120 acres of lush green pastures and beautiful rock gullies. Every day there was something new and wondrous to discover.

The sunrises and sunsets there were magnificent, canvases of colour which painted the earth with their stunning hues.

More than three decades later, I turn to this lighting to capture my subjects in nature’s beautiful, bushy scenes.

What brings you to my website today? You may have seen some of my photography on other websites, on the mantlepiece of a friend, or in the entranceway of one of your favourite stores. Either way, I’m happy you’re here!

Are you ready for your own customised photo session for you and your family?

Step 1: Book Your Session

The first step of booking in a photo session for you and your family is to get in touch! I’ll give you a call to have a quick chat to discuss your session, and thereafter I’ll send a client agreement.

Getting to know you and your family is an important part of the preparation for the session, to ensure that I capture you in the best way possible. To do this, I will send you a quick survey requesting information about how you spend time together as a family, any specific family anecdotes you’d like to share, and hobbies and characteristics about the kids.

The more you send me, the more I can tailor our photo session to you and your family, so that the outcome will be truly unique. Whether your little girl has a green finger, or your little boy is an aspiring superhero, I encourage you to share all of your favourite quirks!

Through your answers, I’ll get to know them and have a better understanding of how to make them feel comfortable during the session, swapping shy smiles for big, toothy grins!

Step 2: Pre-Shoot Planning Session

Once you have paid your booking retainer and confirmed your booking, we’ll go over the details of the session together such as the atmosphere you’d like, the scenery of the session, clothing, etc. This chat also gives you the opportunity to voice any other queries you may have.

In terms of clothing for the shoot, neutral colours are the best option. They create harmony, while still maintaining individuality. Try to choose something you’re comfortable in, something which you feel reflects who you are. Avoid bright, fluorescent colours, clothing which features noticeable logos or images, and clashing themes (for example, one outfit of polka dots and another checkered).

In my experience, soft tones and neutral hues are great for a simple but effective look, while stark earthy colours paired with wine reds, deep blues, and mustard yellows create a sophisticated, stylised look. Get creative with your outfits, and feel free to draw on my experience for some clothing advice before the session.

Step 3 – Your Photo Shoot

It all begins in my unique home studio. Elegant artworks hang from all the walls and a palatial queen bed occupies one of the two rooms.

The second room is home to an exuberant array of unique items and scene-setters. Whether you’re after a three to four generation photo series, capturing your newborn in all their innocence, or your little one being let loose on a colourful cake, the studio caters to everything.

A short walk from the studio and you’ll find yourself with a beautiful backdrop of grassy plains and rocky outcrops. As you explore this oasis, there’ll be plenty of magical moments to capture as the sun slips down behind the entangled trees.

Family Photography

As you watch your children grow up, you may find yourself wondering when you were last photographed together. Or perhaps you may wonder about your last family portrait. If you can’t remember the last time you were photographed together, or if they’ve changed a lot since then, then it’s time to have a family photo session!

We’ve designed our outdoor sessions to be fun, adventurous, and full of laughter!

Forget stiff, formal photo sittings where the kids are fidgeting and not having fun; children are not meant to sit still! One of the things I enjoy the most with my photography is bringing children out of their shell. I am ready to chase after them and get you involved too. I will be ready to capture their beautiful, natural smiles as they laugh out loud when you play with them, tickle them, or spin them high in the air. These magical moments deserve to be captured and kept long after your kids have outgrown giggles and tickles!

Maternity Photography

Any stage of pregnancy is beautiful, but the optimal time to be photographed is when you’re 32-34 weeks along. This is the period when your “bump” will be at its fullest and most beautiful. This period also means you’ll avoid making yourself too uncomfortable and tired (which happens the most in the latest stages of pregnancy). Women who come to the studio for a maternity shoot can choose from a gorgeous selection of gowns to wear during the shoot. Depending on your preference, you can also opt to have a more relaxed, lifestyle shoot in the great outdoors.

Newborn Photography

After waiting 9 long months, the moment your precious newborn baby arrives is truly magical. Their picture-perfect tiny features bring tears to your eyes, and you think fondly back on the little kicks and nudges they gave you when still in the womb. In their very first month, you’ll already start to see changes as they grow. Booking in a newborn photo session is the perfect way to capture their beautiful, tiny features in all their perfection at the very beginning of their lives, in that small window before they transition from newborn status to baby.

The second pregnancy trimester is the perfect time to make a booking. I schedule a flexible booking around your due date to accommodate the uncertainty of birthing times. Once your baby has been born, you’ll need to let me know as soon as possible so that we can arrange the session to ensure its within the first 2 weeks of your baby’s life. Photographing babies in their first 2 weeks of life is crucial if you want to capture them before they unfurl, develop baby rashes and acne, and get to the stage where their rapid growth makes them a lot less calm, and a lot more in need of regular breastfeeding.

Step 4: Your Design Consultation

Two weeks after your session, we’ll arrange a design consultation, during which you can make your selection of all the images you’d like to include in your package.

Too tough to choose? Then you’re also welcome to buy the entire gallery. After the selection process, orders will have to be placed for all the print options which are part of the package. Your selected images will be prepared in high-res and web-sized images.

Step 5: Artwork Collection

You can expect your completed package within 4-6 weeks for print + digital packages, and up to 2 months for the entire gallery with an album option. Preparing your package takes time, but so do all things of quality!